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    April 12, 2013

    The Lord is at work in some great ways as we serve Him at the California State Capitol! Here are some highlights:

    • Our Capitol Bible Study topic this year is "Glorifying God in Every Area of Life." Imagine sitting with a number of the most powerful leaders in our state as we have in-depth discussions about the Good News of Jesus Christ and how they can honor Him more in their lives and work!
    • The two weekly Legislators' Bible Studies I teach have been regularly attended by Republican and Democratic Senators and Assembly Members and even one of the Statewide/Constitutional Officers.
    • The weekly Staff & Lobbyists Bible Study I teach is well attended by both Democratic and Republican Senate and Assembly Staff members, Lobbyists from downtown organizations, and Leaders from various state offices.
    • I also teach a Satellite Bible Study on Sunday evenings that reaches Capitol Staff and also various community leaders and professionals. We just finished a seven-week series through Philippians (Joy from the Lord), and we will begin studying the book of James this week (Tests of Maturity). Please join us if you are in the area!
    • I have personally visited the offices of all 120 State Legislators and have started a second round of visits. These pop-ins are great opportunities to develop relationships with Legislators and Staff, invite them to Capitol Bible Studies, and sometimes engage in meaningful conversations.
    • I have had personal one-on-one visits with thirty-six legislators so far this year, with more each week. These are opportunities for me to build relationships, share the good news, pray with them, and often provide biblical encouragement or counsel. God often shows up powerfully in these times!
    • I have been helping Legislators to plan next month's 52nd Annual California Prayer Breakfast, which is geared towards State Leaders, Legislators, Staff, and Lobbyists.
    • I spoke at a Legislators' Spiritual Retreat in February. It was a groundbreaking time as current and former lawmakers from both parties gathered to discuss how to live out their faith in their uniquely challenging environment.

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