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December 19, 2013

I apologize for two emails in such a short time, but I just realized that #3 of my seven points from my email earlier about giving to our ministry might possibly be misunderstood, so please allow me to restate it a bit more clearly here so there is no confusion.

ALL funds (100%) marked for California go directly towards ministry in California, except for 3% I voluntarily choose to give to our national office to help support our ministry oversight, website, and bookeeping.

Our National office does not demand any support at all from the state ministries (they also raise their own support), but this is something I am happy to do and it certainly does not come close to covering all that our friends there do to be of help to us. 

By the way, you should know that Capitol Commission is now in 22 state capitols (!), and collectively God is using us in greater ways than I could have imagined. If you haven't had the chance yet, check out this inspring end-of-year update with photos from our national ministry president, Jim Young and rejoice in the big picture of what God is up to!

Your Missionary to California's Leaders,

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Frank Erb

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