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    July 29, 2014

    Do you ever feel like time is flying by?

    I sure do. In recent months, I turned 50, celebrated my 26th wedding anniversary, watched my little girl graduate from high school, and took my 16-year old son to the DMV to get his driver's license. These are all wonderful blessings,  of course. I just don't understand how any of them can be happening so soon!

    Erb Family 2014

    Even more recently, a well-liked former California State Assemblyman who welcomed me to the Capitol when I first arrived six years ago, and who I had the opportunity to speak with often about the Lord, died after a long fight with cancer.

    All this has stirred in me an even greater realization that there is no escaping the quick passing of time. It has reminded me to cherish the good times I have had with my family this summer. It also reminds me of the urgency of declaring the Good News of Jesus Christ and the entirety of the Word of God to everyone we can, including our government leaders, while we have the chance. 

    As we approach the conclusion of the 2013/2014 legislative session, I plan to be often in the State Capitol interacting with leaders individually and continuing to teach through the Gospel of Mark to groups of legislators, staff, and lobbyists. I am also looking forward to welcoming a number of visiting pastors and groups to the Capitol and showing them what the Lord is up to as we serve Him there.

    Thank you for your partnership that enables this unique and important and timely work to continue. 

    Your Missionary to California's Leaders,

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    Frank Erb
    Capitol Commission California



    "Serving in the Legislature should be an experience serving God's purposes, but it is ironically one that can take you farther from God. Pastor Frank Erb has prevented that for me.”  - California State Assemblyman Das Williams, Santa Barbara, CA 

    CA Assemblyman Das Williams