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    March 17, 2015

    Happy Saint Patrick's Day! Yes, I'm actually part Irish, so I can say that. I think. Since my grandfather was adopted by an Irish family, we presume this to be the case. Probably. Anyway, here's an informative and inspiring little video about who Saint Patrick really was.

    Did you receive Capitol Commission’s new Annual Report? Please take a look at it here, if you haven’t already seen it in your mailbox. It will give you a quick overview of some of the many encouraging things God is doing nationwide.

    Also, in case you missed it, here is a very positive Los Angeles Times front-page article that was written about our work here in California.

    God has been doing some incredible things at our recent Legislators’ Bible Studies. For example, at one meeting, after a rich study through the Word, a Republican legislator shared how his work is keeping him so busy that he feels distant from God (which is a common feeling among state leaders, for good reason). In response, a roomful of lawmakers from both parties joined in prayer for their colleague and for one another to stay rooted in their connection to Christ, and then many of them, including Democrats, went around the table to shake their friend's hand or give him a hug.

    At another recent study, I drew and explained the popular Bridge to Life illustration of the Good News of Jesus. Afterwards, some legislators were moved enough by the discussion to take photos of the masterpiece to reflect on or later or share with others. Yes, the Lord can even use something drawn this poorly for his glory!

     photo - Bridge to Life


    I'll be back in the Capitol today teaching a Bible Study for Staff and Lobbyists, and then I'm ready to teach two Bible Studies for Legislators tomorrow. We're continuing to go page-by-page through the incredible Gospel of Mark this year.

    Schedules and pressure are starting to heat up for everyone in the Capitol as committee hearings get under way to discuss hundreds of new bills. Please continue to pray for them, and for us, and thank you for your partnership.

    Pastor to California's Leaders,

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    Frank Erb
    Capitol Commission California

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