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    October 8, 2015


    I'd like to tell you about a couple I am friends with named Ryan and Jennifer.

    Jennifer is an experienced staff member with the state legislature. She's also a long-time follower of Jesus, and over the seven years that I've been serving in the California State Capitol she has frequently attended the Capitol Bible Studies that I teach there each week. Ryan is a state computer specialist with an office close to the Capitol who I met through Jennifer.

    Ryan was a quiet, intelligent, self-described agnostic, when we first met in 2011. He's still quiet and intelligent, but, by God’s grace, I was able to address his many questions, introduce him to Christ, baptize him, and disciple him. 

    Ryan Lam Baptism

    When Ryan and Jennifer became engaged last year, they invited me to provide extensive Biblical pre-marriage counseling for them. I was impressed by their eagerness to meet so many times (at least eight) to understand God’s plan for their future marriage.

    I was then honored to officiate their gorgeous outdoor wedding in a scenic Northern California vineyard this past last July 4. Many Capitol staff members, lobbyists, and other leaders attended the ceremony. At the Bride's and Groom's request, I shared the Good News of Jesus with everyone in attendance.

    Ryan and Jen 1

    Ryan and Jen's Wedding 2

    I just met with Ryan and Jen this week to see how they’re doing now that they’ve passed their three-month wedding anniversary. I’m so encouraged to hear their desire to establish their home now as a newly married couple in a way that honors the Lord.

    Ryan and Jen's Wedding 4

    As I reflect on these things, I can’t help but be humbled and moved by how the Lord has allowed me to be part of such a beautiful story. Through this couple, I see a demonstration of how God can use the ministry to the Capitol is many powerful ways, including (1) apologetics, (2) proclaiming the Good news of Jesus, (3) discipleship, (4) counseling, (5) marriage, (6) family, and (7) as an ongoing outreach to the Capitol community and beyond.

    Please join me in continuing to pray for Ryan and Jennifer as they journey together.

    And thank you, if you feel so led, for your ongoing prayers and partnership that enable this work to continue.

    Your Missionary to California's Leaders,

     Frank & Valerie at Lam Wedding

       With my beautiful bride Valerie at Ryan and Jen's wedding.