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    December 16, 2015


    I recently mailed a printed 2015 End-of-Year Ministry Update letter. You can view or print it here

    If you have not seen that and would like to receive occasional printed mail in the future (only a few times a year), just let me know your mailing address.



    I recently completed my seventh year serving as a missionary/pastor in the California State Capitol! I can't believe it has been that long since I first prayed as I sat in the gallery overlooking an Assembly floor session, "Lord, I see the need in this place. If I can be of any help to what you want to do here, I am willing."

    rejoice in the tremendous things God has done and continues to do! He is opening many doors to share the Good News of Jesus and teach his Word to our State Legislators, Constitutional Officers, Staff, Lobbyists, and other influential leaders!

    Our nation certainly needs godly leaders, as this new election cycle is already making clear, and we can help in this! As our government leaders come to know Him and grow in Him, they are blessed, they will glorify Him more in their lives and leadership, and we will all benefit by the better decisions and laws they make.

    Rotunda Christmas



    I am constantly thankful for those of you who are financial partners in this ministry! You are our teammates in this important mission, and I never forget that!

    Funding needs are ongoing. I am careful to never make this the focus, but this is a full-time work funded entirely by contributions from generous friends like you who are giving specifically to this ministry in California. 

    • $2,500 per month in new giving will help stabilize our ministry budget. Monthly and one-time contributions of all sizes are appreciated.
    • Special additional funding needs:
      $10,000 for travel to visit Legislators’ districts and D.C.
      $8,000 for a part-time administrative assistant.
      $6,000 for Health Savings Account for family medical.

    Giving instructions are online here.  Please just ask if you have any questions.


    Erb Family
              The Erb Family: Valerie, Lucas, Hannah, Frank


    Thank you for your prayers for our family.

    • Valerie is scheduled to have abdominal surgery on December 23, so this will be an unusual Christmas for us. If all goes well she'll be back to 100% after recuperating for a month or so.
    • Hannah is attending the local community college, applying to state university, and working at a nearby senior care facility.
    • Lucas is in his senior year of high school, applying to universities around the state, and working after school at a computer company.
    • As for me, I love being a dad and so I'm adjusting the the realization that one of my kids may be moving off to college next year. Until then I'm enjoying every chance we can spend time together as a family.

    From our Family to yours, we pray you have a blessed and Merry Christmas!


    Your Missionary to California's Leaders,

    the alt text 
    Frank Erb


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