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    March 28, 2017


    Thank you for your ongoing prayers and partnership as I reach out at the California State Capitol!

    I want to update you on what I have been up to and tell you about some of the encouraging ways the Lord has been at work so far this year.

    Here's a short video.

    - Invitations: I began 2017 by blanketing the Capitol with multiple invitations to our weekly Legislators Bible Studies and Staff & Lobbyists Bible Studies. Every State Senator, Assembly Member, and legislative office has received many printed invitations, emails, and Bible Study handouts from me, with more on the way again soon.

    Endorsements: I distributed an invitation letter to Legislators that included endorsements from thirty-five current or former Senators, Assembly Members, Constitutional Officers, and U.S. Congress Members. Endorsements for me are out of my comfort zone, but government leaders all rely on them and so this has turned out to be a helpful tool to establish credibility with those who don’t know me well. Also, the long list of bipartisan names makes a powerful statement that I’m there to help them with something even more important than partisan politics ... which can be a mind-blowing concept in the Capitol.

    - Capitol Bible Studies: I am currently teaching three weekly in-depth Bible Studies through the amazing book of Genesis, including one for Senators and Assembly Members in an Assembly conference room with a Sergeant at Arms guarding the door, a second for Staff & Lobbyists in an ornate legislative hearing room, and a third in the Sacramento area that is open to everyone. In addition, I meet personally every week with a Senator for a fourth study through the Gospel of John. And, as I tell every legislator, I'm always happy to start a new meeting any day, any time, at any place, with anyone they want, to discuss any Biblical book or topic or pray. Please pray that more take me up on this or attend the existing meetings!

    - Attendance: A number of our regular attenders moved on from the Capitol last Fall, so I wasn't sure what this year would hold. I'm thrilled to report that attendance at our Legislator's Bible Study is off to a good start this year.

    - Bipartisan: I am so moved to see leaders who are politically opposed join together with us to study God's word and pray. For some this is their first time in such a setting. Please remain prayerful for more bipartisan breakthroughs. If they unite around the Lord, who knows what could happen?

    - Pastoral Visits: I meet with many leaders in their offices, especially to introduce myself to the many new Legislators. I appreciate your prayers that God will continue to open more doors and move mightily in these visits.

    - Connections: Legislators host nightly fundraiser cocktail parties at downtown restaurant. These are exclusively for lawmakers to mingle with lobbyists who pay thousands of dollars to attend, and many legislators welcome me as well. I also am often admitted to the rear of the Senate Floor to be available to Senators or staff during breaks in the floor sessions. Such access is a rare privilege that I don't take for granted.

    - Churches: I guest speak at many churches and gatherings. Just let me know if your church or group would like to hear from me.

    - Personally: My family and I are doing well. Valerie and I are still adjusting to our youngest being away at college, but both our kids are doing great and we are very thankful for them. My shoulder seems to be healing ok from the surgery I had on September 29, and I'm finally at the point where I can start exercising it more so should find out soon if the surgery was successful.

    - Funding: I am so grateful to all of you who give to enable this ministry to continue. Thank You! Funding remains a challenge, as donors come and go as their budgets allow, and so I continue to pray for opportunities to meet with others who might want to undergird this work.

    My hope and prayer is that we will see our outreach and influence for the Gospel grow. In my opinion, this sort of strategic ministry may be the only hope for our government leaders personally, and for the great state of California and our beloved United States of America overall.

    Please feel free to contact me anytime with questions or for a more timely update.

    Your Missionary/Pastor to the California State Capitol,

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    Frank Erb
    Over 9 Years in the Capitol

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