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    August 8, 2017


    People often ask me how the ministry to the
    California State Capitol is going, and I’m always happy to share how the Lord is at work! Here are some recent examples:

    Capitol Bible Studies

    - I continue to teach weekly expository Bible Studies for Senators, Assembly Members, Staff, Lobbyists, Department heads, state workers, and others. These bipartisan gatherings are rich times in God’s Word, this year verse-by-verse through the foundational book of Genesis. We can take heart that God’s word is life-changing (Isaiah 55:11), and many participants are growing in the Lord!

    - After one recent Legislators' Bible Study, a Sergeant-at-Arms security officer on guard outside the room voiced surprise at how many Senators and Assembly Members poured out the door after our meeting. Thank you Lord!

    Legislators Bible Study room

    Personal Pastoral Meetings with State Legislators

    - Meeting regularly with legislators from both parties.

    - Two legislators asked me to meet privately to teach them what the Bible says related to a controversial issue.

    - A legislator asked me to meet with him for counsel and prayer about a new calling he feels God putting on his heart.

    - I presented a Bible and devotional to one new legislator, and she later requested copies for her husband also.

    Assembly Floor

    Senate Floor

    Staff & Lobbyists

    - Presented a Bible devotional book to an Assembly staff member who was going through a difficult time and she literally burst into tears of joy and gratitude.

    - Shared the Good News about Jesus and gave a Bible devotional to a Capitol security officer who was going through health challenges, and he replied sincerely, “Thank you so much! I’ve really wanted to connect with God but I didn't know how to do it!"

    - A legislative staffer who I had the pleasure of leading to Christ years ago now works with a lobbying firm and attends the weekly Capitol Bible study.

    - A former legislator who is now a lobbyist frequently attends the Staff & Lobbyists Bible Studies.

    - A high level security officer requested prayer for a challenging and dangerous new work assignment.

    - A senate staff member requested that I share the Good News and pray with her her dying mother and extended family.

    - Ongoing pastoral counseling with a high level leader who is drifting from God.

    Frank entering legislator office.

    Washington, D.C.

    - Interviewed a U.S. Congress Member home from D.C. about the importance of praying for all elected officials (1 Timothy 2:1-4).

    Frank with Congressman LaMalfa

    Other Speaking

    - Taught God’s word and shared about the ministry at a church in Chico, a Prayer Breakfast in Sacramento, and a pastors conference in Costa Mesa. (Click here for video).

    Frank speaking at Chico Grace Brethren Church

    Prayers are appreciated for:

    - Open doors and hearts in the Capitol, especially during the busy legislative season coming up August 21 through September 15.

    - Two powerful legislators (one from each party) have stopped attending the Bible Studies and appear to be losing interest in following the Lord.

    - Ongoing repairs for water-leak damage in our home.

    - Continuing to recuperate from shoulder rotator-cuff surgery I had last Fall.

    I hope your summer is going well. I would love to hear from you anytime to know how I can pray for you! 

    Frank and son hiking
                   A recent day-hike near Lake Tahoe with my son Lucas.

    I always Thank God for you!

    Your Missionary/Pastor to the California State Capitol,

    the alt text 
    Frank Erb
    9 Years in the Capitol

    P.S. Some have asked if there are any special one-time needs for the ministry in addition to the usual. Thank you!
       $30 - Mini Tripod for Bible teaching videos
       $100 - Business Cards for capitol meetings
       $770 - Camera for Bible-teaching videos
    $800 - Travel to Denver for annual Capitol Commission gathering
    $1,500 - Visit to Washington DC to meet with US Congress Members

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