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    January 29, 2010

    It has been a busy month for me at the California State Capitol as I have started off a new year of ministry to political leaders, their staff, and lobbyists. The transition to Capitol Commission has gone smoothly and the ministry is going well. I am especially encouraged by how my work with legislators (both Assembly Members and Senators) is progressing.

    There is one extraordinary development this month that I want to tell you about. For at least ten years, there have been multiple Christian ministries for legislators in the Capitol. These ministries were at odds with each other (to say the least) and this division was widely known. As a result, there has been dissention and a lack of unity and peace among God’s people in the Capitol for a very long time. In response, many believers and unbelievers developed a distaste for any so-called “ministry” in the Capitol. Some felt that it was politically unsafe to identify with any Christian group. It was a tragic situation.

    However, this year, things have changed dramatically. Late last year, legislators from these groups asked me if they could join with the Capitol Commission group I lead. I was, of course, happy to agree. As a result, we finally have one Christ-centered gathering for all legislators in the Capitol! I believe this is a huge breakthrough, and to be honest just thinking about it stirs my heart to praise God and often brings tears to my eyes.

    Rest assured that I am absolutely committed to solidly proclaiming the gospel and teaching carefully through the Word of God in all our meetings, as I have been doing continually without fail. I believe God is using this to touch hearts. (You may click here to view recent Bible study handouts.)

    Now, will you please join me in praying for the many legislators who profess to be Christians or who are interested in learning more about God? Please ask the Lord to give me favor with them as I meet with them in their offices. Pray that more of them will desire to join us at our weekly gatherings and will have the courage to do so. Pray that as they hear the Word they will be touched by his Spirit and will come to faith in Him and grow in maturity. Pray that the Capitol is radically transformed as He changes the lives of our state leaders. I am confident that these are prayers God wants to answer. This is our state, and these are our government representatives, so let’s keep on praying!


    Frank Erb
    California State Director
    Capitol Commission

    P.S. If you have not yet watched the brief videos I’ve posted from the Capitol this year, you may click here to view them now. Thank you for your feedback, encouragement, and support!