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    February 23, 2010

    I continue to be encouraged by how the Lord is working through this ministry to California’s leaders in Sacramento.

    I lead two Bible studies inside the Capitol each week, and both are going well.

    The Legislators’ Bible Study / Fellowship meets every Wednesday morning. A number of Senators and Assembly members attend. It is a diverse group that includes Republicans and Democrats, men and women, self-proclaimed Christ-followers and others who are still investigating Him. We meet in a wood-paneled conference room around a large table (see photo). Our time begins with casual chat about things going on in their lives and work and then progresses into an expository study through the New Testament book of Colossians. (You may always view some of our written Bible studies online here.) All of us are together, discussing who Jesus is, what he did for us, and how they can serve God better as legislators. We conclude with a time of prayer for the enormous challenges they are sure to face in their work that week. Isn’t it good to know that some of our state leaders are looking up for guidance in this way?! Please pray that God continues to direct this important time, strengthens those who attend, and brings even more to it.

    Legislators’ Bible Study room

    The Bible Study for Staff Members, Lobbyists, and others meets every Thursday at noon and is also going well. We meet in a beautiful conference room on the first floor of the Capitol, seated around a huge antique table with others seated along the walls of the room. Last week, I had the wonderful privilege of guiding a staff member for a leading Democrat legislator to first-time trust in Jesus Christ! It was so heartwarming to pray with her that God would forgive her sins and come into her life, as tears welled up in her eyes. Please pray that she grows in her newfound faith.

    Staff & Lobbyists Bible Study room

    I also stay busy meeting personally with many legislators and other state leaders. Most are cordial and polite but their level of interest in spiritual things varies greatly. Some respond with thankfulness for this ministry and express a desire to visit the Bible study when their schedule allows. I often have the opportunity to counsel them and pray with them. Many others admit their lack of belief or interest in Christ. In fact, I visited one Assemblyman’s office last week to request an appointment and his entire staff burst out in laughter at the very thought of him discussing God with me! I still requested an appointment with him anyway (I’m still waiting…), and I invited his staff to the Thursday study. Please pray that the Lord gives me favor with many in the Capitol and the opportunity to share His love and truth with them.

    I am so grateful for your partnership in this ministry, whether it is through praying, giving, or other involvement. Together we are having a real impact for good on the center of leadership for the 37 million people in our state. I believe this is only the beginning of even greater things the Lord is going to do through all of us in the days ahead.

    You have a standing invitation to be my guest at the Capitol anytime. I would love to have you join us at the Staff Bible study, give you a guided tour, introduce you to your legislators, or discuss with you more ways that you can share the love of Christ with your state representatives. Please feel free to contact me anytime.

    Blessings in Him,

    Frank Erb
    California State Director
    Capitol Commission