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    March 10, 2010

    The month of February has been an extremely full and exciting third month of ministry with Capitol Commission.

    I have served in evangelistic/discipleship and pastoral ministry for over a decade, but this ministry is distinctive in providing opportunities to interact with an exceptionally diverse community of people. A current day at the Capitol involves many conversations with unbelievers and believers, whether legislators, lobbyists, or staff. It is always very difficult to leave the Capitol, as there is so much more ministry that could occur. I always leave for home excited about the opportunities that our Lord has provided, and in prayer for God’s sovereign blessing upon each and every conversation. About halfway into my drive home, my body begins to feel the energy expended!

    Our Missouri state director, Paul Meinsen, was gracious to invite and provide for expenses to the Pastors’ Commission at the Capitol (and our Illinois state director, Shaun Lewis, was kind to allow me to travel and fellowship with him from St. Louis to Jefferson City). The pastors at the commission were invited to a wonderful time of introduction to and prayer for their elected officials, and to hear blessed testimonies from Senator Luann Ridgeway and Representative Bob Dixon. Our God was glorified in both word and action. Praise God for His sovereign grace!

    The new year is progressing well but there are challenges. It is a delicate balance of time, as Kristin continues to work parttime while I grow into the ministry of Capitol Commission—which is necessary until I am able to raise full-support as a missionary to the Capitol community—and, I continue to serve fulltime in the ongoing evangelistic and discipleship ministries of Eternal Ministries (which I will be able to continue in many ways, as Georgia state director, but certainly have more liberty with focus, time, and resources as Kristin is home with our children, and able to devote her energies entirely to their homeschool education, and we will not need to correlate our work schedules). The balance of time and limited resources is the greatest obstacle, as it does prevent complete devotion to those biblical ministries God provides. Those of you who know me well are aware that I am not particularly gifted in fundraising, and would prefer not to ever mention finances in the context of ministry. As every act of giving is not merely transactional but is transformational—as based on our Lord’s abundance and trustworthiness—I covet your prayers to overcome these challenges of limited time and resources.

    I am greatly excited with regard to our Lord providing many ministry opportunities to serve by His grace and therefore for His glory. God has enabled me to establish friendships with several elected officials, pastors, and other Christian leaders who value this ministry, and I pray that God will bless these new relationships mightily to mature me into greater Christlikeness and to expand the extent of this ministry to the Capitol community for His glory and honor. As it is not possible for me to serve all the Capitol community on my own, I would love to connect with you for the purpose of enhancing your mutual impact upon this ministry. Kristin and I are immensely grateful for your friendship and prayers. If we can serve you in any manner, or we could be praying more specifically for you and your family, we would love to hear from you.

    Blessings to You from Our Lord Jesus Christ
    (2 Cor 3:5),

    Ron J. Bigalke, Ph.D.
    Georgia State Director, Capitol Commission