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    October 15, 2010

    The defining ambition of Capitol Commission is “reaching the Capitol community for Christ.” As a ministry of the church, we seek to proclaim the gospel message, and to help believers mature through the verse-by-verse teaching of Scripture. Patrick Henry’s biographer recalled that the statesman declared the Holy Bible to be “worth all the books that ever were printed.” In his Last Will and Testament, he reflected upon the inheritance for his dear family. Henry concluded, “The religion of Christ can give them one which will make them rich indeed.”

    Of more infinite importance are the words of Psalm 107:20, which states that God gave “His word” to bring spiritual renewal and deliverance from destruction. The mandate of this ministry is to see the hearts and lives of the Capitol community transformed with the Word of God for their benefit and our nation. Thank you for your partnership which makes the Georgia ministry possible. “Partner” is the name the Apostle Paul used for those who empowered and helped him in ministry (Phil 1:3-5a).

    Ministry Praise:

    • God has provided the opportunity to initiate and develop relationships with many political leaders, in addition to their staff, and some lobbyists.
    • There is a multitude eager to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus.
    • Many of our state’s leaders and their staff have expressed how grateful they are for this ministry and how much it encourages them personally.
    • God is multiplying the number of evangelical churches that understand the command to pray (1 Tim 2:1-4) and to make disciples (Matt 28:18-20) as the biblical mandate to the Capitol communities of our nation.

    Ministry Prayer:

    • Pray for the upcoming general election, and that the government that results from this election would have godly wisdom and humility, biblical courage and conviction, and delight in the sufficiency of the living and written Word.
    • Pray to better understand the concerns and issues that confront our cities, states, and country. Pray to respond biblically!
    • Pray for the newly elected officials (which will be a significant number), and for opportunity to meet these new legislators for the purpose of being a blessing to them through the ministry of Capitol Commission.
    • Pray for relationships to continue and multiply with those who have not experienced the saving grace of our Savior, and for God to demonstrate His grace to them.
    • Pray for God to bless the Georgia Bible studies, which are currently emailed while the General Assembly is not in session and the staff Bible study is in furlough.
    • Pray for me in balancing a full-time ministry with much traveling, preparation for the quickly approaching session, and for ministry partners who can and will provide necessary resources to reach the Capitol community for Christ.

    Please join me in praying and rejoicing for all provisions to be met by our gracious Lord.

    Blessings to You from Our Lord Jesus Christ
    (2 Cor 3:5),

    Ron J. Bigalke, Ph.D.
    Georgia State Director, Capitol Commission