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    October 30, 2012


    Throughout the Bible, the one who trusts in God is exhorted to persevere in faith. Perseverance means believers endure trials and persecution in a godly manner, that is, they do not complain. Sometimes the word “persevere” is translated “patience” and literally means “to remain or abide under.” The preposition “under,” of course, is a prefix (i.e. attached to the beginning of the word to modify its meaning) to the word “abide.” A word picture commonly given is in which one is standing, as it were, under an ominous threat or danger but is not moving (“staying put”).

    The word “persevere” implies bold faithfulness. The true believer needs to have assurance of salvation to the very end of his/her earthly life, yet must also understand that assurance of salvation does not show itself in passiveness but perseverance (a faith that works). For this reason, we find a threefold responsibility in the Book of Philippians: (1) “press on” (3:13-14); (2) “walk” (3:17); and, “stand” (4:1).


    Five blessings are indicated in Philippians 4 as being received by believers, and for use in living the Christian life and for working together by God’s grace to His glory. The first blessing is peace in the church when believers stand together (4:2-5). The second blessing is contentment. “Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God” (4:6-9). The third blessing is power to complete responsibilities (4:10-14). Believers do not have the prerogative to claim inadequacy to complete responsibilities. The objective is to accept responsibility, and rejoice in the Lord by trusting in Him to provide the strength needed to accomplish the responsibilities in life.

    The fourth blessing is giving to support others in the ministry that God has provided (4:15-20). The church at Philippi sent gifts to the Apostle Paul and he thanked them for their contribution to his ministry (4:15-16). Paul’s primary concern was not for himself, but for the believer’s “profit which increases” to their account (4:17). The fifth blessing is fellow believers (4:21-23). Paul wrote affectionately with regard to greeting “every saint in Christ Jesus” (4:21). Believers are to be a joy to one another. The church is not only to stand firm, but also to stand together in living the Christian life and seeking to glorify God by His grace.

    God has promised provision beyond calculation. The resources available to the child of God are according to His riches in glory. Every believer should know the experience of relying upon the promises of God for every need supplied. Not to prove God faithful of His promises and provisions is to impoverish one’s self. As needs are often in the physical realm, believers may be convinced that God delights to manifest His power and riches in everyday life. Believers may also be confident that the grace of God received by faith and repentance will result in overabundant provision in the higher realm of spiritual need. God is to be the joy and boast of every believer for He is their very life. Truly, the Word of God and prayer are the source of the believer’s strength and the means to your success, and will be so until the day when you will know the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ as perfectly as He knows you.

    By God's Grace and for His Glory,

    Ron J. Bigalke, Ph.D.
    Pastor/Missionary, Capitol Commission