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    January 25, 2013

    Capitol Commission has launched a new tool in our ministry of reaching Capitol communities for Christ. We have a new website for the sole purpose of praying for the lawmakers of our states and nation.

    Please visit www.pray1tim2.org.

    On this new website:

    • Click on the state wherein you reside.
    • On each state page is a daily listing of the lawmakers for which we are praying.
    • You can also “sign up” for a daily or weekly email reminder of those for whom we are praying.
    • Each legislator has a photo, a link to his/her state biography, and Facebook page (if he/she has one).
    • Also included is a link to send an email--which can be used to let your lawmaker know that you prayed for him/her today.
    • Other helpful links are also on each page, so feel free to browse.

    The listing is automatically updated for all the new legislators who took office in 2013 and anytime there is a change.

    If you regularly pray for our leaders, then this is an excellent tool to supplement your prayer time. If you do not pray regularly, this tool can be most helpful in encouraging you to do so.

    Once again, the new site is www.pray1tim2.org.