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    January 10, 2014

    The 2014 Session Starts Monday

    While the next Georgia State Legislative Session begins Monday at 10:00am, a number of our lawmakers have already made their way to the Capitol. I spent a day in the building this week preparing for the legislative session. I am eager to get started again with our Bible studies, fellowship, and meetings.

    For 2014, we desire to continue in the Capitol with what has been occurring in the past:

    • Bible study each Tuesday morning and Tuesday afternoon. 
    • Building of new relationships for the purpose of ministry.
    • I would like to have a smaller group (or individuals) to serve on a deeper level of discipleship.
    • Continue in conversation with a number of lawmakers who are not believers.
    • Provide good materials that will help our legislators grow in the grace and knowledge of God. 

    We also have a couple areas of newer emphasis for 2014:

    • With the help of the Lieutenant Governor and his staff, we plan to have a Capitol Commission Day at the Capitol. The goal of this event is to heed the Great Commission by bringing together pastors and partners from every district to meet with their legislators and minister to them through prayer and from God’s Word. Save the date for Tuesday, 11 February! (If you would like more information now and/or would like to help with the Capitol Commission Day, please contact us).
    • Working plans for our fundraising events for 2014: regional dinners, and possibly a first attempt at an outdoors tournament (golf, hunting, and/or fishing). Stay tuned for details concerning an event near you and how you can help.

    Continue to remember Capitol Commission in your prayers; remember us also in your giving. We are still operating a tight budget and ask that you prayerfully consider how you could financially invest in Capitol Commission Georgia in 2014.

    Yours in Christ,


    P.S. We encourage you to browse our prayer website of Pray 1 Tim 2. Sign up to receive daily or weekly reminders to pray for our state's legislators. If you do not live in Georgia, you can sign up to pray for your own state's leaders.


    "Today's Capitol Commission Bible Study Luncheon is brought to you by ________."

    There are 14 weeks of Tuesday Afternoon Capitol Bible Studies in a typical Georgia legislative session. We think it a good benefit to the study to provide lunch for those who attend.

    Would you, your church, your Sunday School class, business consider sponsoring one of our study's lunches? The cost this session is $250 for one afternoon's lunch. To do so, just reply to this email saying you would like to do so, and make a donation for $250. You can make the gift online by clicking "Donate to Capitol Commission" in the quick links to the upper right or by mailing a check to Capitol Commission, P.O. Box 244, Rincon, GA 31326-0244.

    We always recognize our Lunch Sponsors, and those in attendance are most appreciative of this service.