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    August 26, 2014


    Many a time, someone has attempted to assemble something and muttered the words, “I suppose that I need to read the directions?!” Many a time, projects are all but completed and look good, and then someone remarks, “What’s the purpose of this little piece?” Of course, the entire projects then needs to be disassembled to insert that little piece. The manufacturer certainly knew that the instructions were necessary for the project, and thus will often include a warning to read the directions prior to attempting things one’s own way.

    Why is it that most people do not read the directions, the legal document papers, the owner’s manual, or most anything explanatory? The primary purpose of those types of things is to familiarize one with the manufacturers intended use of their product and how to fix it should anything ever go wrong. Good sense certainly assumes that one will desire to achieve the most from the manufacturers intended purpose and use of their creation. However, in reality, human nature is such that we are typically content only with learning or reading enough to satisfy the immediate need that has presented itself to us. Consequently, many things that we do may be limited in the capacity to accomplish things of enduring value.

    If were are to realize the abundant life that has been given to those who have a relationship with God by grace through faith in Jesus Christ, by the One who has created us, certainly it would be wise to learn all that is possible to know regarding the Creator. Moreover, such an abundant life as the Creator intended would be realized by “rightly dividing” God’s life-giving Word so the eternal truths would fill our hearts and minds so that we could be prepared to live the life that the Creator-Redeemer intended.

    Religious pluralism suggests that there are many paths to and expressions of truth regarding God, and thus there are several equally valid means to heaven. Such thinking is evident, when someone remarks, “Let everyone worship their own god” or “Sincerity is all that matters.” A more religiously minded individual may advise, “Obey the Ten Commandments.” Someone who believes in the power of personal potential would encourage belief in the “god inside you.”

    Hebrews 2 reveals instructions from God that you and I must hear and heed. The directions are from the Creator and Redeemer of the world. Essentially, the revelation of Hebrews 2 instructs all to listen to the Lord Jesus Christ. 

    If we attempt to enter heaven in our way, we will certainly encounter devastating consequences. If we try our own way, we will be found neglecting “so great a salvation.” Furthermore, we will not receive the benefits of the atoning death of Jesus Christ, nor will we have the help of a sympathetic encourager. If we heed God’s way of approaching Him by grace through faith in Jesus Christ, we will receive a great salvation. We will escape the pangs of eternal death, and experience the faithfulness and mercy of the Lord in our lives.

    Currently, “we do not yet see all things subject to him” (Heb 2:8), yet it is certain to occur. God is allowing death and sin to continue until the appointed time when every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord (Phil 2:10-11). The day is coming when Christ’s glory and honor will be fully realized, and the certainty of that time provides hope to God’s people. The certainty of that day leads to the introduction of Jesus by name in Hebrews 2:9. 

    First, the Lord Jesus became a human being. Secondly, the death of Jesus provides a marvelous demonstration of divine grace. God permitted His Son to endure suffering on behalf of those who have faith in Him (Heb 2:9-11). Thirdly, the effect of the suffering of Christ was that He would be “crowned with glory and honor.” Submitting one’s life to the Lord Jesus obviously results in marvelous benefits (in the sense of good effects and in promoting well-being).

    For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also to the Greek (Rom 1:16)

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