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    February 17, 2012

    The halfway mark of the legislative session was reached this week. Each week during the legislative session, I lead weekly in-depth Bible studies inside the state Capitol (for legislators, lobbyists, staff) and handdeliver 500 printed copies to each legislative office, in addition to as many executive and judicial offices as possible. I also meet personally with many government leaders to proclaim God’s grace in salvation, to encourage our leaders, pray with them, and provide personal biblical counsel.

    What is the importance for proclaiming the gospel message and providing the teaching of God’s Word? The answer is that it is vital to reach Capitol communities for Christ. Morality and politics are interrelated. Politics is an extension of ethics, and ethics is an extension of theology. Ethics involves decision making in all realms of life.

    The rationale for that decision-making is not always obvious because it is based upon one’s worldview (i.e. one’s reason for living, one’s decision for the focus of their life, and one’s consequences for those decisions). One’s worldview is their answer to the following questions: (1) what is ultimate reality?; (2) what is the goal of history?; (3) what is man?; (4) what occurs at death?; and, (5) what is the basis of authority for morality?

    Theology is the answer to those questions. Therefore, your theology will determine your ethics, from which is determined morality and politics. It is absolutely critical then to abide in the truth of God’s Word and in the Savior, so that one’s ethics are based upon the spirit of truth, not the spirit of error. Good men and women—because God has constituted them as such—will make good politics.

    Romans 10:17 states, “So faith comes from hearing, and hearing by the word of Christ.” For government leaders to have faith it requires that someone proclaim God’s Word to them. Capitol Commission is already doing this in 20 states, but, at least in Georgia, we need to be doing more to reach our Capitol community. Please pray for God’s enablement to do so. You can help by praying, and also sharing financially with this ministry to enable us to faithfully proclaim God’s Word.

    By God's Grace and for His Glory,

    Ron J. Bigalke, Ph.D.
    Pastor/Missionary, Capitol Commission

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