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    January 2, 2018


    Wisdom is the only virtue that will help you navigate life choices. A person may be attractive, proficient, and talented, yet if he/she is not able to recognize the sovereignty of God, the devotion to pursue his will, and the humility to bring Him glory, they will conclude their lives as failures due to a lack of wisdom. One of the greatest lessons to learn early is that life is weighted, and that devastation can result if a person does not possess the ability to make important determinations. Indeed, it is averaged that momentous decisions are made approximately five or six times in a lifetime, and it is in those moments that a person will either ascend to greater efficiency or bring devastation and ruin into his/her life.

    Many tasks considered “a very little thing” could have a tremendous impact for either positive or negative effects (cf. Luke 16:10). Those who are impressed with colossal and dramatic results need to be reminded that it is the modest and obscure tasks that can promote or devalue people. Every wise artist, athlete, doctor, or person in any fieldwork knows that countless hours of practice and preparation are indispensable to excel. Wise decisions do not arise from innate ability; rather, they are realized when recognizing the supremacy of God, learning from his holy and inspired Word, and submitting oneself to Him.

    Ecclesiastes 10 exhorts one to demonstrate wisdom as he/she enjoys family, life, and work; it does so by stating, “Dead flies make a perfumer’s oil stink” (similar to a declaration in 1 Cor 5:6 that a little leaven certainly can affect the entire lump). A dynamic and exceptional life necessitates that one prioritize the mundane activities and routine behaviors that are accomplished in anonymity. Indeed, the consistency between actions in private – in obscurity – with those in public demonstrates a life of integrity (or lack thereof, if there is contradiction).

    Doing something in secret that cannot be admitted in public is the very definition of hypocrisy, and such insecurity compels a person to lie. Be assured that what is done in private ultimately determines the person whom we present in public. Authentically devoting “all diligence” to our public and private life results in a balanced, dependable, and joyful life (cf. Prov 4:23; 2 Pet 1:5-11), yet neglecting such discipline will eventually fracture a person spiritually, which is one reason why many gifted individuals compromise their reputations.

    Invalidating one’s reputation occurs when too much emphasis is given to public matters, such as speaking and writing, and a person does not diligently guard their own heart (cf. 1 Tim 4:16). Whenever Bible study, fellowship among fellow believers, and prayer are neglected, it will eventually have a negative impact upon one’s body, mind, and soul. Ecclesiastes 10 compels us to ask ourselves, “Are there any ‘dead flies’ that need to be removed from the perfume of our life”? While it is easy to downplay the significance of “little tasks,” they can determine the course of our life. Make it a priority not to allow the urgent to hinder the important, which is the spiritual disciplines of Christian fellowship, prayer, and Bible study.

    Interim Bible Study

    REMINDER: the weekly Capitol Commission Bible Studies
    begin next Tuesday, the 9th of January.
    Two times will be available for Bible study:
    (1) a legislative fellowship time of pastoral attention and prayer from 7:30-8:00am in 123 CAP;
    and, (2) an open-to-all Bible study from 12:00-12:45pm in 123 CAP.