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    June 8, 2021


    Psalm 101:4 declares, "A perverse heart shall depart from me; I will know no evil." The psalmist (David) already resolved to be a man of honesty, honor, and integrity, and now with this confession, he resolved to be a man of purity by knowing no evil. Certainly this would be one of the reasons why God called David “a man after My own heart.” Rarely do we hear people resolving as David did.

    David’s son Solomon also valued a life of purity. In Proverbs 11:19-21, he declared,

    He who is steadfast in righteousness will attain to life, and he who pursues evil will bring about his own death. The perverse in heart are an abomination to the Lord, but the blameless in their walk are His delight. Assuredly, the evil man will not go unpunished, but the descendants of the righteous will be delivered.

    Consider again the assertion of verse 21: “Assuredly, the evil man will not go unpunished, but the descendants of the righteous will be delivered.” A life of purity is truly a spiritual investment, with dividends that will be enjoyed by one’s posterity (which almost sounds as if God has a purity layaway plan). A person establishes the spiritual account now and his or her descendents later reap the profits.

    The value of purity in a leader’s life cannot be overemphasized. Sadly, there is an inordinate curiosity toward evil and perversion within popular culture. Not only do people know what evil is, there are individuals who are intrigued by it. Certainly, the news media exploits such interests by giving attention to the evil that exists in the world; they have learned that public interest increases with regard to impure, evil activities. As the psalmist said, “a perverse heart” only leads to a weakening of your spiritual life. Therefore, be resolved to “know no evil.”

    Your Missionary-Pastor to Our Leaders,


    Ron J. Bigalke, Ph.D.
    Capitol Commission Georgia





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