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    June 14, 2022


    Philippians 2:15 tells God’s people: “prove yourselves to be blameless and innocent, children of God above reproach in the midst of a crooked and perverse generation, among whom you appear as lights in the world holding fast the word of life.” When that verse was written, believers were living in a crooked and perverse generation. Would you consider the present generation as crooked and perverse? If you answer “yes,” the fact is this generation is much better based upon what you can read of the first century when Philippians was written. They were faithful to the Lord in a culture that was brutal against followers of Jesus, that was godless in every way.

    The gospel “is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believers” (Rom 1:16). The word “power” is dunamis in the original Greek from which the modern word dynamite is derived. Dunamis, however, does not mean “explode” or “explosion” in Romans 1:16; it has a far more practical meaning than the sensationalized claim that the word means the same thing as dynamite. The word “power” in Romans 1:16 means inherent ability or strength; in other words, the inherent ability to accomplish tasks. Although many human philosophies may offer an alluring approach to life, they all lack the power to enact those promises. The gospel is unique because not only does it present God’s demands but also it gives believers the power (capacity or strength) to fulfill them. God’s divine commands are always satisfied with God’s divine provisions!

    The first century believers who followed the Lord knew that they had a role to play that was greater than anybody: to be lights in the world, to seek the Lord, to follow Him, to gather together and encourage one another in the Lord, and then spread that gospel message to everyone they could. If you have faith in the Lord today it is because that message spread through the early church. As you and I follow the Lord in our world, we are to be lights for Him and so do not despair. Even if it gets darker, that just means the light shines brighter. Do you know that through darkness diamonds spread their richest light?

    What would you do if a diamond fell to the floor and it was not very large, how would you find it? You would turn off all lights, grab a flashlight and shine that light. Suddenly, the diamond would be very obvious there in the dark. Is that not a great picture of how it is with God's people? Those who trust in the Lord Jesus are the salt of the earth! Salt not only preserves but also adds flavor. Preserve (defend/uphold) the truth of God’s Word and be flavorable in your witness. Those who trust in the Lord are also the light of the world! As this world gets darker, be the light. In sincerity and truth, let your light shine. Let people know the God you serve and worship!

    Interim Bible Study


    Capitol Commission Bible Study is next Tuesday, 21st of June (every 1st and 3rd Tuesday during the legislative interim)

    Meeting via Zoom and in 318 CLOB (Senate Committee Room) @ 12 Noon