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January 2, 2020


UPDATE: It is with a joyful spirit that I write, reporting on the close of another momentous year at the Kansas Capitol. These last few weeks were full of committee meetings, special events, and hospitality gatherings near and far. Our 300+ member prayer team interceded for a multitude of prayer needs of our government leaders and their families. We followed through with praise reports where possible. We’ve made five hospital visits just this past week! On Christmas day, I presented a new Bible to a retired leader who was ready to hear about Jesus after coding during open heart surgery. Ours is a ministry of availability, being present!

PLANNING: There is much planning in preparation for the 2020 legislative session. An additional 500 people will be in the Capitol most days during the next four months! We have been meeting with Capitol staff, volunteers, and related organizations to plan activities and events: All with a focus on faith and a relationship with our Lord.

PRAYER: The first day of session, January 13, will feature Prayer on The Hill. We are encouraging prayer partners to come in and pray for their government leaders. Legislators and staff are invited to stop in at the 2nd floor prayer room and be prayed over. We will pray throughout the building. Distance partners can give spiritual cover for this bold activity! Every day during the session and on other days of meetings we host prayer warriors who come to the Capitol and pray. You can join our Spiritual Warfare (SWAT) team to receive daily prayer requests through brief text messages. Hundreds of intercessors join us on the front lines of the battle for faith and righteousness. Text me at 785 249 7604

DRAMA: Pray for our government leaders! This will be an especially difficult legislative session. All Kansas senators and representatives will have to decide whether to face the rigors of re-election campaigns. Some of the most divisive issues on their agenda include: constitutional amendments on abortion and the process of selecting state supreme court justices, pressures to legalize medical marijuana, allowing sports betting, expanding Medicaid, addressing the vaporing epidemic amoung teens/young adults, and dealing with growing numbers of children in foster care.      

ENGAGEMENT: We are setting up our weekly leadership Bible studies (Wednesdays) and prayer breakfasts (Thursdays). We are planning a day to honor pastors (February 6), planning our Kansas State Prayer breakfast (March 18), and making plans for the National Day of Prayer event at the Capitol (May7).

BLESSINGS: I thank God for you, your encouragement, prayers, and financial support in this life impacting and eternal work (1Timothy 2:1-7).

 Dave DePue, Pastor- Kansas Capitol Commission (785) 249 7604 cell

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