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April 10, 2020

The 2020 Legislature came to an abrupt adjournment when the COVID-19 virus threatened work in the Capitol.

The people’s business requires equal representative numbers. Sickness threatens the process.

  • The Kansas Constitution requires a State budget to be passed before July 1 of each year. So with bipartisan effort, they moved the budget out of the House & Senate.
  • Also passed the 10 year highway maintenance & modernization plan; critical to our economy & infrastructure.
  • The legislature put in place an advise & consent committee (LCC)! They meet during the interim & can approve the Governor’s emergency actions dealing with the current pandemic.
  • Praise God NO legislators went home sick with the virus! The scheduled return date is April 27. This is to work dozens of bills that passed only one of the chambers but not the other.

Our ministry provided critical support during this most unusual session.

  • We inspired many as we began teaching through the Book of Revelation in our Wednesday morning Bible study. 400 copies of our study notes were hand delivered to each of the Capitol offices.
  • Our Thursday morning prayer breakfast provided hope to those with personal challenges, sickness themselves and with family members.
  • We have a variety of prayer groups including churches, Sunday school classes, small groups, and our network:
  • Most significant is our Spiritual Warfare Attack Team (SWAT). As many as 1,000 prayer warriors receive our text prayer notices & intercede for people and other related crises! Prayer teams come to the Capitol & are assigned to committee & session meetings, praying on-site.
  • We also have a legislature prayer caucus which, on short notice, breaks for prayer during stressful times. A couple dozen legislators have stepped up for these brief appeals to God (Psalm 34:15).



God answers prayer (James 5:16). Hundreds of our prayer team were praying for Bob Murray, Governor's staff (retired).  He was diagnosed with kidney failure. Bob suffered a heart attack, but it was while checking in the hospital! He described the visions he had while being resuscitated twice after his heart stopped. Ambassador Sam Brownback explained to him that our Lord was giving him another opportunity to turn his life over to Jesus. Bob gave me a “thumbs up” sign every time I visited to pray with him over the next few weeks! Bob Murray passed on to glory March 1st. Sam gave this faith journey as a powerful testimony during Bob’s home-going memorial service (2Peter 3:9).


Representative Ponka-We Victors shared of her harrowing traffic accident where her auto was struck from behind, pushed across 4 lanes of high-speed oncoming traffic. She cried out to God to save her! She and her brother suffered no injuries, but the car was totaled. Ponka asked me to pray that the insurance company would settle her claim quickly and replace her car. We plead with God about this need and as I left her office the insurance agent was calling to say the check was in the mail. Upon arriving home Ponka found a generous check, enough to buy a brand new car! She gave testimony at our Thursday morning prayer breakfast. Ponka is pictured at right with guest Pastor Gary Roten, who gave a devotional message that day. Everyday, we see glimpses of His glory (Psalm 119:27)!


Senator Molly Baumgardner asked prayer for her and her husband (Brian) during his illness. She had missed a day and we were praying for her & Brian at our 7AM legislative prayer breakfast. At that same time, Molly was standing by her stalled car on the turnpike, without her phone! A KHP officer promptly stopped, called roadside service, then stayed until Molly could drive her car away. Was she visited by an angel? Molly claimed this was an archangel because he was heavily armed (Psalm 34:17)!

I thank God for you (2Timothy 1:3).

Your faithful support empowers me to be full time, in the Capitol, every day!


Dave DePue, Pastor                                                        
Kansas Capitol Commission -
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