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    March 21, 2018

    I'm hosting an artifact and scroll exhibit at the state capitol on Wednesday, March 28th. The displays will be on the second floor (mezzanine level) of the capitol and will be free and open to the public. The scrolls are late medieval and will feature scrolls that were airlifted out of Nazi territories during WWII. The exhibit will include several Torah scrolls, an illuminated scroll of the book of Esther, a rare 600 year old Taj Torah, and more. The scrolls will be presented for their historic, literary, and artistic value. 
    The exhibit is being offered by MIKRA Research laboratories: https://mikralab.org
    • The purpose of this event is: to display biblical artifacts such as torah scrolls, codices, fragments, and in some cases digitized materials, for educational purposes, and to highlight and appreciate their recognized historical, social, and cultural value and the contributions they have provided in past through the present.
    • The activities to take place are as follows: To honorably and respectfully display these artifacts for educational purposes, and to provide a guided tour along with a scholarly lecture which will highlight the unique attributes and special features and contributions these artifacts have made throughout history.

    I would like to extend the invitation to you to come and experience this special exhibit. There will be a lecture about the artifacts/scrolls in the capitol rotunda at noon.

    Attached is an image of a flyer that you can use to help promote the event. Please let me know if you have any questions or to volunteer!
    I will also have a pre-event brunch for pastors and partners to learn more about the ministry that I do at the capitol. I've attached a flyer for that also. If you would like to come to the free brunch, please register here.
    I hope you and others can attend!