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    December 28, 2021

    December 28, 2021

    Typically, the end of another year is a time of reflection and anticipation. Launching a new ministry, however, is primarily a time of expectation. As the new minister for Capitol Commission in Kentucky, this first ministry update will require introduction and looking forward.

    My name is Kyle McDanell, and I am the pastor at East Frankfort Baptist Church in Frankfort, KY. A lifelong Kentuckian, I love the Commonwealth and want to see God’s glory made known through the propagation of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Through Capitol Commission, I hope to reach the numerous staff that work at our capitol as well as the 138 legislators.

    The task is monumental, but one that the Lord would have us engage in. Throughout Scripture, the people of God interacted with positions and cities of influence (consider Joseph, Elijah, Jesus, and Paul for starters). The need for a gospel witness without the stain of partisan interests continues to be needed in Frankfort.

    You are receiving this first ministry update from me because you have been a supporter of this ministry. Some I know, others I have yet had the privilege of meeting. Nevertheless, what unites us is the hope of the gospel for all of Kentucky.

    The new session begins on January 4. I will be hosting a Bible study for both Legislators (Thursdays at noon) and staff (Wednesdays at noon) in the Annex starting the second week of session where we will be exploring the Gospel of John together. Additionally, I will be lining up visits with various leaders and legislators. I hope to meet with every legislator as quickly as possible and have already began meeting with some of the staff.

    In the meantime, I ask that you commit to pray for me as well as pray for our elected leaders by subscribing to Pray 1 Tim 2 (https://www.pray1tim2.org/states/ky). You can also support the work both financially (https://www.capitolcom.org/kentucky/donate) and by partnering with the ministry.

    I am thankful for you and the opportunity to serve our state with Capitol Commission.



    In Christ,

    Kyle McDanell

    Capitol Commission Kentucky