steve weaver

State Minister, Kentucky

Ministry Leaders
Since 2008, Steve Weaver has served as the senior pastor of Farmdale Baptist Church in Frankfort, KY. He and his wife, Gretta, have been married for twenty-two years and have been blessed with six children ranging in age from 7 to 18 years old.

Steve is a graduate of Liberty University (Bachelor of Science) and The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (Master of Divinity, Doctor of Philosophy). Steve completed a PhD in Church History under the supervision of Dr. Thomas J. Nettles. His dissertation focused on the life and thought of the seventeenth-century English Particular Baptist pastor, Hercules Collins. During his time at Southern, Steve worked closely with Dr. Michael A.G. Haykin, serving as a teaching and administrative assistant with the Andrew Fuller Center for Baptist Studies at Southern. He currently serves as a senior fellow for the Andrew Fuller Center.

In his post-graduate research and writing, Steve has continued to work with the seventeenth-century Baptists, but has also expanded his interests to include early Baptist life in Kentucky and the late eighteenth and early nineteenth-century English Baptists, including Andrew Fuller.

Steve has served as an adjunct professor at California Baptist University, North Greenville University, Boyce College and Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He has also served as a visiting instructor for the Center for Pioneer Church Planting. Steve also serves as a fellow for the Center for Baptist Renewal.

Steve is the author of Orthodox, Puritan, Baptist: Hercules Collins (1647-1702) and Particular Baptist Identity in Early Modern England (Vandenhoek & Ruprecht, 2015) and the co-author/editor of four other works. Steve is also the author of numerous articles published in books and journals.

In his spare time, Steve enjoys watching baseball and reading.