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August 15, 2018

An Encouraging Report from the Kentucky State Capitol

I write today to encourage you with what God is doing at the Kentucky State Capitol. This year has been a fruitful one for ministry. During the course of the Legislative Session (January-April), I had the opportunity to minister to legislators and staff. God continued to open doors in a great way (Watch this video for a taste of some of the exciting things that happened during session.). Thanks to the generosity of donors, I was able to give freely to all to show my appreciation for the hard work that goes on behind the scenes both at the Capitol and in the Annex. Those efforts were greatly appreciated (especially by staff!). They have opened doors for ongoing ministry with people who know that I care about them and their spiritual needs.

Ministry during the legislative session has led to one of the most encouraging periods of ministry at the state capitol. I continue to do two weekly Bible studies for those working in the Capitol and the Annex. On Tuesdays, I have been invited by members of the governor's staff to lead a Bible study during their break time. We are studying "Parables, Psalms, and Proverbs", rotating every three weeks in those different types of biblical literature. This is a very encouraging study and is usually very well attended, unless something on the calendar prevents the staff's attendance.

On Thursdays I am leading an overview of the Bible class that is open to anyone working in the buildings. This has been especially encouraging as the group seems to grow each week. We have had as many as 20 attend this study. There seems to be a real hunger to learn about the background of the Bible and how it is put together. This has provided ample opportunities for me to share the main message of the Bible.  

In short, I am really encouraged by what God is doing through His Word at our state capitol. One legislator texted me recently, "I can really see the influence of your presence at the Capitol among people." This greatly encouraged me because I'm seeing the impact of the Word in people's lives and I'm glad others are seeing it well. I hope you're encouraged! Thank you to all those who give who make my ministry at the Capitol possible. Please continue to pray for God to use His Word to do His work in the lives of the people I'm privileged to serve. If you would like to consider giving a one-time gift or a monthly contribution, please click here for a means to do so.

Please feel free to share this exciting news with your church family and friends. 

In Christ,

Steve Weaver
State Minister, Kentucky
Capitol Commission