michael sprague

State Chaplain, Louisiana

Ministry Leaders
Dr. Michael Sprague is the Louisiana State Chaplain with Capitol Commission and President of Grace Adventures, which reaches out to political, business and spiritual leaders in the New Orleans/Baton Rouge region and beyond. Michael delights in helping leaders think through the "Big Questions" and win at life. Grace Adventures aims to assist leaders to look at their core and thrive as a whole person; spiritually, relationally, physically and emotionally.

Michael spends much of his time at the Capitol in Baton Rouge, Louisiana working with legislators, lobbyists, administration and capitol staff in a non-political, non-partisan, pastoral/chaplain role. The focus is not to lobby for legislation (as important as that is) but help leaders in their faith. Days are filled with Bible studies, prayer, listening and caring, appointments and many surprises. Michael loves to help people know the Jesus of the Scriptures.

Michael served as Senior Pastor of Trinity Church in Covington, Louisiana for 11 years. Following Hurricane Katrina, Trinity Church affectionately became known as "The church of the Stained Carpet." Trinity housed and deployed 20,000 volunteers from 43 states and 7 countries to help rebuild homes and lives. Under Michael's leadership, Trinity opened the International Crisis Response Center for the Evangelical Free Churches of America, which has launched full-fledged relief works in disaster areas in Galveston, China, Peru, Japan, Alabama, Haiti and now in New York City/New Jersey and Oklahoma after recent natural disasters. The ripples of this compassion work are flowing throughout the nation and the world.

Before God led Michael and his family to Louisiana, Michael served 15 years as Associate Pastor at Forcey Bible Church in Silver Spring, Maryland. Michael holds a Business degree from the University of Maryland, a Master of Divinity degree from Capital Bible Seminary and a Doctor of Ministry degree from Dallas Theological Seminary.

Michael has written a book entitled, Stories from Katrinaland, which chronicles many of the stories of adventure and miraculous provision in the midst of the greatest natural disaster in United States history and has published in August 2011 the timely book DISASTER . This new book is NSFCP (Not Safe for Comfortable People), but exhorts living to the hilt a God-sized Adventure in every storm. Michael’s motto is “Betting the Farm on God.”

Michael’s entire life is shaped by what Christ has and continues to do in and through him. He is the perfect profile for the kind of person God says He uses - 1 Corinthians 1:27, “God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong.” He does life with his wonderful wife and partner Donna. They have one son, Jonathan, who is married to Patricia and a new grandson. Donna and Michael reside in Mandeville, LA. In his spare time, he enjoys playing basketball, reading and traveling.