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April 19, 2010

Last Monday marked the end of the 2010 legislative session for the Maryland General Assembly. It was a busy 90-day session filled with caucus meetings, committee hearings and floor debate involving more than 2000 bills.

In the middle of that flurry of activity, Capitol Commission had a presence in Annapolis with Bible study notes emailed and distributed each week as well as Bible study and prayer open to legislators every Friday. Times of one-on-one meetings with lawmakers and staffers also gave opportunities to encourage and challenge these dear folks during these very hectic and stressful days.

Now that the session is over, the ministry does not stop. Please continue to pray for the leaders of Maryland, especially during this election year. In Maryland, all office holders are up for reelection in 2010, so there will be ongoing busy schedules with much campaigning and fundraising. Also pray for all of our elections this fall, for God’s will and purposes to be done.

One way to be reminded to pray is to print up the Maryland Prayer Calendar and keep it in your Bible or on your refrigerator. You can find it here.

Moving into the spring and summer, please pray for open doors to share our ministry in churches in the area. We will be trying to fill our calendar with teaching and preaching ministry to challenge believers how to be biblically involved in impacting our society.

God bless you as you serve in your part of the harvest field. It’s an honor to work alongside you!

Brent Alderman