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July 11, 2011

In this month’s update, I’d like to share with you one of the most rewarding aspects of the ministry. Although most of our efforts at Capitol Commission center on serving political leaders, I also love the interaction I have with pastors and churches.

An important function of our ministry is to equip and involve believers in having a relationship with, serve and pray for their leaders. One way we do this is to teach from God’s Word from passages that show God’s heart for those in authority. Last month, I enjoyed preaching at Fellowship Bible Church in Shenandoah Junction, West Virginia. Thank the Lord for kind invitations to focus believers on the truth of Scripture.

I also love meeting with pastors. In the past month, I have had the privilege of gathering with pastors’ groups in Westminster and Hagerstown, Maryland, as well as Martinsburg, West Virginia. What an encouragement it is to fellowship with and hear these shepherds pray for their churches, communities, nation and leaders!

Why is this connection to local churches so vital? Because missions begins and ends with the local church. Since the first missionaries were sent from the church at Antioch until today, God’s design has been for missions to flow from the church. We can’t improve on that plan!

I’d love to speak at your church or get to know pastors in your area. Let me know how I can serve your church with the excitement of taking the gospel to our leaders!

Brent Alderman
State Director, Maryland