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October 20, 2012

Are you tired of political ads? Are you annoyed at the phone calls asking for whom you will vote? Even though we know these invasions into our lives and homes will end soon, it seems the path to this election next month has taken an eternity. And it has been so negative – maybe that’s why we get so weary of the constant barrage of messages.

So, why don’t you and I turn this negative experience into a positive one? Each time we see an ad for a candidate on television and are tempted to roll our eyes out of boredom or irritation, let’s pray. Pray for that candidate, his opponent, their staffs, our communities, and our nation – whatever comes to mind related to the election. Pray that God would glorify Himself, that hearts would turn to Him and that the gospel would change our land.

These ads can be helpful, regular reminders that people need the Lord and the church needs to be a light to our world. Let them also remind us that God is sovereign and regardless of how the elections turn out, He gives these offices to whomever He pleases.

And please continue to pray for Capitol Commission Maryland. Tracy and I are grateful for your friendship and for your interest in our ministry moving forward. Thank you!

Brent Alderman
State Director, Maryland