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April 17, 2013

The Maryland General Assembly session for 2013 ended on April 8, so many state leaders and staffers are getting some well-deserved down time after a hectic period. Thankfully, we were able to keep in touch with our friends in the capitol community during this time by phone and email, as well as our weekly electronic Bible studies that were sent to all in the House and Senate. We finished our series in James and began considering the wisdom from a governmental official found in the book of Ecclesiastes.

Until the next session starts in January, the plan is to meet with legislators near their homes around the state as I'm able as well as make trips to Annapolis to see staffers who continue to work there part-time.

Tracy and I are still in the process of physical healing, so thank you for continuing to pray for us. Tracy is back to working the hours she had before her injury. I am dealing with some new issues that make walking a little difficult, but hope to see some more improvement soon. April marks a year since we noticed the spot on my toe that developed into the serious infection in my leg, reminding us how much the Lord has helped us these past twelve months. You have been a part of that blessing!

In 2 Corinthians 11, Paul recalled setbacks he experienced in ministry. The list included beatings, a stoning, thirty-nine lashes, shipwrecks, and other dangerous conditions he endured. Until this past year, I had never stopped to consider that there had to be times of healing for him, too. He had to feel the frustration of waiting for his body to strengthen to be able to carry on the ministry he was called to. This is a feeling I am trying to learn from and look forward to a time when I won't be as limited.

The fact that you remain an active supporter of the Alderman family encourages and keeps us going. With upcoming expenses like mileage and meals (as I see lawmakers in their districts) would you consider a gift to our work? Click here if the Lord leads you to share in ministering to these leaders. Thank you so much!

Brent Alderman
State Director, Maryland