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October 2, 2013

The next six weeks will be busy with ministry opportunities and preparation for these ministries. One of the blessings of better health and mobility makes it possible to accept more invitations, so praise the Lord that the calendar has filled up more! Along with the following events, it’s also great to be able to schedule appointments with more legislators along the way, as well.  Please pray for health, strength and stamina to meet these demands in the coming days:

  • October 6            Speak in morning service at Manchester Baptist Church (Manchester, MD)
  • October 24           Attend and lead in prayer for government officials at Christian Professional Network Conference (Baltimore, MD)
  • October 27 – October 31  Capitol Commission National Meetings (Colorado Springs, CO)
  • November 2, 3  Missions Conference, Wakefield Valley Bible Church (New Windsor, MD)
  • November 10     Speak in morning service at Central Chapel (Ganotown, WV)
  • November 13-15 Lead two seminar sessions at the Global Conference of Parliament and Faith (Washington, DC)

As always, thank you for your support of us and prayers for us and your leaders. This is a crucial time to speak spiritual truth to those in power.

God Bless!