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January 18, 2014

The 2014 session has begun in Maryland so Annapolis is buzzing with activity. Tracy and I have been there to reestablish many friendships and start new relationships. We’ve already been blessed with God’s direction, divine appointments and physical strength. Please keep us on your prayer list, because there is so much ministry to be done and the following requests are just the beginning.

I will start with this opportunity for you: God provides for our family and ministry through the gifts of His people. Obviously, with Tracy going to the capitol with me (which is a huge asset in the work), she literally is a part-time worker with Capitol Commission now. This creates extra financial needs since she isn’t working full-time elsewhere. If you want to join our team of faithful financial supporters, just respond to this email. I’d love to talk to you about how you can invest in eternal souls. The harvest is white and you can be a part of the reaping! God will lead you if you ask Him what to do. Most of our individual donors give at the $25, $50 or $100 levels each month. The average individual monthly gift is $63. We’re excited about the future and want you to have this “fruit that increases to your credit” (Philippians 4:17)!

Here are some praises and prayer needs you can remember for the coming weeks:

  • We’ve seen great attendance at our weekly Bible study (Thursday mornings at 8:00), more than we have had previously. We always have encouraging discussion, fellowship and prayer.
  • Two staffers who we have come to know well and love dearly are as open to the gospel as ever and may accept Christ very soon!
  • A delegate new to our study shared her concern for her mother’s salvation and became very emotional during prayer. Later, she excitedly stopped me in the hall to tell me about a chance she had to pray with a colleague that day for some physical healing.
  • A delegate who may not be a believer has a grandson in hospice care. Pray for their comfort and salvation.
  • Several delegates are becoming more aware of their responsibility to be mindful and responsive to the needs of those in the capitol community. It’s a joy to hear them share their desire to be used by God in their circle of contacts.
  • Tracy and I prayed with a leader who is facing much public embarrassment and legal problems. It is a valley for them now, but they know the Lord and are growing during this difficult time.
  • We were blessed to meet a lady who, on her own time, is coming to Annapolis to pray with leaders and share the gospel with them. Knowing that we are there ministering with her has given her much encouragement.  We praise the Lord for all who speak God’s truth to the powerful.

I could go on, but I just wanted to let you know that your prayers are being answered and we don’t want to stop praying now. The Enemy is busy and uses the wisdom of this world to distract so many government leaders. Thank you for standing with us and praying for these needs.

Brent and Tracy Alderman