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April 1, 2014

This is the last full week of the 2014 Maryland Legislative session. What a blessing Tracy and I have had to strengthen friendships and start new ones among legislators and staff this year. Our Bible studies have been encouraging times of discussion, prayer and teaching. When leaders’ minds are turned to spiritual things in the middle of their pressurized, hectic days, we praise God for the opportunity He gives us to point others to Christ and His truth.

Our studies have been in 1 John this year and have led to some interesting questions and follow up discussions. 1 John is so basic to our faith, yet never ceases to provide deeper understanding into the mind and character of God. Please pray for those who have been wrestling with the gospel message they have heard. As familiar as this epistle is to many of us, there is no doubt some of our friends in Annapolis have been exposed to them for the first time. That’s exciting!

The rest of our year will be spent staying in contact with these leaders in their districts. The plan is also to begin our staff studies again for those who continue to work in the Annapolis office buildings part-time during the interim.

Additionally, I would like to recommend a recently published book by my colleague, David Andersen, our State Minister in Virginia. David has done a great job in Christ’s Kingdom Commission searching the Scriptures for the church’s proper response to human government. It’s a rationale for the very ministry we have in Capitol Commission and I hope you will check it out. Go to for the lower pre-publication price.

Thank you again for your part in our work. Many of you give, pray and speak encouragement to us when our paths cross. For all of that and more, we thank God for you.

Brent Alderman, State Director, Capitol Commission Maryland