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June 3, 2014

2014 is a busy and important election year in Maryland. Even now, leading up to the June 24 primary election, candidates are packing their days with rallies, door-knocking and community events. It will be a very hectic, but exciting year. Please pray for these who are running for office, that God will use this time to remind them of the most important issues of life, which are not political.

For Capitol Commission Maryland, the campaign season may make it more difficult to meet with legislators, but we can still impact them with our prayers and Bible studies that are still being sent their way by email. Our ministry will be significantly different in the next session since there will be the inevitable turnover from the general election in November. I read recently that fully a third of the 141 seats in the House of Delegates will change hands. That will mean many new faces in Annapolis and many new leaders for us to meet and introduce ourselves to.

Also, please pray for upcoming opportunities to speak in local churches the rest of this year. We’re looking forward to these meetings, some of which are in churches we haven’t visited before. Here is the event calendar for the next few weeks:

  • June 9 – 11          Southern Baptist Convention (Baltimore, MD)
  • June 22                 Forge Road Bible Chapel (Perry Hall, MD)
  • June 29                 Wakefield Valley Bible Church (New Windsor, MD)
  • July 6                     Maranatha Brethren Church (Hagerstown, MD)

When I speak in churches, invitations are sent to legislators who live nearby in those districts. Please pray that some will accept the offer to attend and be encouraged by spending time in God’s house with his people.

Thank you so much for keeping up with our work and praying for Maryland’s leaders. May you continue to serve him with JOY!

Brent Alderman