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July 19, 2014

The Maryland legislative session ended a couple of months ago, but the year is still busy for lawmakers and their staffers, especially since it’s an election year. What are they doing right now?

  • Many have "day jobs". The Maryland legislator is a "part-time" employee of the state so most still retain jobs back home. During the interim, General Assembly members work as accountants, lawyers, teachers, financial advisors, business owners and many other professions. Some are "retired" from their profession, but they still are quite active.
  • Since 2014 is a campaign year, they are doing typical campaign work--knocking on doors, holding events and raising funds. Some are helping their colleagues in their campaigns.
  • They are still serving their constituents. They address issues and needs that come up within their districts.
  • They are attending events and giving updates to local organizations and groups.
  • Some have special assignments from leadership to research needs throughout the state.

How can you pray for our Maryland legislators at this time?

  • Continue to pray that they will balance their time properly. Keeping a focus on the priority of their marriage and family is still much more important than their legislative and campaign work.
  • Pray that those who claim to follow Christ will campaign in a way that honors Christ. This includes speaking the truth truthfully (remember a truth spoken with an intent to deceive is a lie)--whether it is about one's own work or that of his or her opponent.
  • Pray that those who claim to follow Christ will have appropriate opportunities to speak of God's glory and grace--especially in those private times with their colleagues.
  • Pray that God will place people in the paths of our lawmakers who will lovingly proclaim the gospel to them or who will encourage them to grow in the knowledge and grace of God. THAT PERSON MAY BE YOU.

The capitol may be quiet during the interim, but there is still much going on around the state. Continue to lift them up in prayer before God.