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November 9, 2011

My friend Brian Weigelt is the Protestant chaplain at the Naval Academy. He has crucial spiritual ministry to hundreds of midshipmen, faculty and civilians who attend church at the Academy’s Chapel. I receive Brian’s weekly email that highlights the upcoming events and service information, and each time I read it I am struck by the prayer request section. One heading is “Combat deaths”.

Each week there are about eight to twelve names and ranks of service personnel who recently died in combat. When I saw this for the first time, my initial thought was, “My prayer list isn’t nearly that intense.” But the more I’ve been involved in ministry to politicians, I’ve realized that prayer for our leaders should be no less intense. Lives are at stake. A battle is being waged and there is an Enemy intent on keeping the good news of the Gospel from impacting the hearts of those in government.

I’m grateful that you read this reminder to pray each month, but can I impress on you today the urgency of the ministry of Capitol Commission? All of our lives are like a mist, so time is short. Prayers for leaders need to be driven by the understanding that the battle is spiritual and must be fought with spiritual weapons. Our unseen Enemy is very active, with the goal of devouring (1 Peter 5:8), stealing, killing and destroying lives (John 10:10).

Thank you for lifting up elected officials in prayer. Please keep it up! Pray that the Lord would use us to bring life to the fields of spiritual combat, for His glory.

Brent Alderman
State Director, Maryland