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December 3, 2011

Tracy, Megan and I certainly want to wish you and your family a super Christmas season and purposeful New Year’s celebration as we all look forward to new opportunities to serve and share Jesus Christ in the year to come.

2011 was a year of encouraging ministry with many rewarding relationships started and deepened. Through all the challenges, you have been a partner in our work with your faithful prayers and giving. We are grateful to you and thank the Lord for you!

Next week (December 6 – 10), I’ll be meeting with the other Capitol Commission State Directors at our National Headquarters in Raleigh, North Carolina. This time of training and fellowship is always a highlight of the year and it’s a blessing to gather with colleagues to hear how God is working in our ministries around the nation. Please pray for these important days of information and planning.

With the end of our calendar year, please consider a year-end gift to Capitol Commission Maryland. The donate link is on the right sidebar. We are under budget for the year and while the Lord has moved many to give generously, we would be honored to have you on our financial support team. There has never been a time when this ministry has been needed more!

Next year we will have another crucial election in America and politics will be on everyone’s mind. However, the question is will the Great Commission be on our minds as well? You can be a part of this gospel-centered effort to see God change the hearts of our leaders to desire Him and His ways. Let’s keep investing our time, prayers and resources in 2012 to share God’s truth in such a dark place.

Brent Alderman
State Director, Maryland