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February 7, 2015

The 2015 Legislative session is underway, bringing some changes to our ministry. In other ways, though, our work remains the same. The main changes have been in the makeup of the General Assembly, which is still in some flux with vacancies created by the new governor’s cabinet appointments. Each trip to Annapolis gives new opportunities to meet with new freshman legislators, which is an exciting part of what we do. Introducing our ministry, starting to build relationships and determining how to best minister to these new lawmakers are on the front burners now. Pray for good inroads to connect with new leaders and staff this session.


Larry Hogan, Maryland's new governor, being sworn in

Our ministry of prayer and sharing God’s Word does not change, regardless of who is in the legislature. Our Bible study meets every Tuesday morning through the session and we’re grateful for those who are able to come. We also distribute copies of the study notes to each office each week. I’m thankful for an intern, Joel Miller, who has helped me with that task. He’s a blessing to the ministry and it’s great to have someone come along and serve. Welcome, Joel!


Brent with intern Joel Miller in Senator Gail Bates' office

If you want to get a good idea of what it’s like to minister the gospel in the political community, take a few minutes to read the L. A. Times article about Frank Erb, my colleague in Sacramento, California. He’s doing great work there and it’s encouraging that we have ministries like Frank’s in 23 other state capitols. You can click here for the article.

Thank you so much for your prayers and notes of encouragement. The days are busy, the harvest is white and God is moving. I’m so glad that we can be partners together to reach leaders with God’s truth. Let me know if I can serve you in some way!