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February 11, 2016


The center of Capitol Commission’s vision has always been to guide the political community toward the truth of God’s Word. This takes many forms from written and spoken Bible studies to personal texts and emails to one-on-one counseling opportunities. I was reminded of the importance of this focus last week when talking with an aide in the Maryland House of Delegates.


I’ve known Debbie for several years and have stopped by her office from time to time to chat and encourage her. She is a fellow believer and has been through some difficult times in the past. When we were talking last week, she wanted to show me something in her desk drawer. She opened it and pulled out a very small slip of paper with a scribbled Scripture reference on it.


The reference was 1 Corinthians 2:14. Debbie recalled that a four years ago I had mentioned that verse in one of our conversations. She wrote down the reference and has come back to it time and again. I have to confess that I only vaguely remember that meeting, but she had been deeply impacted by the Word shared with her that day. It is a verse that helps her deal with unbelievers in her building when she is overwhelmed by the corruption, pride and sin she sees so often and how to pray for them. I was struck with the power of Scriptures and the holy responsibility to rightly divide it, scattering seed so the Holy Spirit will use it to change people.


Dear folks like Debbie are the reason we minister in the capitol. Your prayers and support pave the way to help us take God’s Word to them. Thank you for doing that! Please keep praying for divine opportunities to spread truth to people who so desperately need it. The legislative session is in full swing and we’re studying Philippians this year. Pray for minds and hearts of people like Debbie to receive the Word with joy.