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November 10, 2016

When one is called to minister to the political community, it’s reassuring to know that new leadership after an election really changes nothing about our basic mission. The mandate to pray for, teach, and love those who serve in government is the same as it was before the election. With all the feelings of upheaval (positive or negative), our God and his Word are unchanging and we move forward, confident that the Gospel is the only message that will truly change the hearts of people.

With all the bad we’re hearing regarding the result of this election, there have been some good things as well. As citizens of America, many are getting a civics lesson that will be remembered well (why we vote, the electoral college, etc.) Also, we can be thankful for the number of people who are expressing the importance of praying for those who will be entering offices they just won and our responsibility as believers to spiritually minister to them. If this crazy election season causes us to be more prayerful, then it was worth it!

If you need a tool to help you as you pray for your federal and state officials, please go to

Speaking of prayer, I ask that you continue to remember those in Maryland leadership. Our ministry in 2016 is headed down the stretch and we’re grateful for opportunities to reach into the lives of leaders as well as pastors and believers around the state. Planning for 2017 has also taken up our time lately.

Next week, Tracy and I will be in Raleigh, NC, for Capitol Commission’s annual gathering of state ministers and board members. We look forward to seeing our friends at this event every year and anticipate a good time of fellowship and training.

Thank you so much for your part in what we do. I’m always mindful of faithful partners who have our backs and thank God for you!