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September 21, 2017

Thanks to each of you who faithfully remember us in prayer! Our summer has been different, but through it all, God has patiently tried to teach us to work on our own patience. To update you, here are a few items to pray for:

A few days after the Maryland legislative session ended in April, we experienced some significant water damage on our main living level and basement when our washing machine malfunctioned. We are still in the process of getting everything squared away, but we’re grateful that we can at least be at home during the repairs. We have a great support system from nearby supporting churches to help move things when needed and the insurance company has cooperated fully. I just know Tracy would like to be able to get home to “look like home” again. The floors are done and painting has started.

Also this summer, Tracy underwent some intensive tests that required her to be hospitalized and observed for two weeks in June. Again, dear friends came to sit with her for hours and keep her occupied while her brain function was checked as her medication was reduced. When it was over, she was able to come off two of her three seizure pills, so she feels better without the side effects she had before. She is driving again and trying to get back to feeling normal. Her brain injury was two years ago this month. Thank you for praying for her.

Lastly, Tracy and I will fly to Colorado Springs next week for the Capitol Commission annual meetings at the Navigator’s conference center, Glen Eyrie (pictured below.) We always enjoy each time we can get together with our board members and colleagues and their wives from across the country for fellowship, discussion and vision plans. We had to miss these meetings last year due to Tracy’s condition, so we’re really looking forward to attending this year.

As always, we love to get updates from you, too, so please write us and tell us your latest news! We love rejoicing with you or joining you in prayer for the things you share. And please accept our thanks again for keeping us on your prayer list!