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January 22, 2018

At 11:00 a.m. tomorrow, we will hold our first FOCUS event (Forum On Christian Understanding and Support.) We have seen a great response to the promotion of this luncheon and look forward to greeting those attending. The goal of this event is to have a gathering early in the session only for legislators and staff to help get a right focus (see what we did there?) as the year begins.

Our speaker will be Stuart McAlpine, the founding pastor of Christ Our Shepherd Church in Washington, D.C., who was also our main speaker last March at our Pastors' and Partners' Commission to the Capitol. Stuart brought significant insight from Psalm 1 and 2 on the topic of "Prayer and Patriotism" and I know his words will touch those who come tomorrow.

Will you pray with us for fruit from this meeting? Several legislators sent an RSVP who have had little contact with our ministry, so it will be a key time to connect with them as well as others who are long-time friends. 

I'm also grateful to Uniontown Bible Church from Union Bridge, a supporter of ours, who will be providing lunch.

Thanks for your prayers!