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February 25, 2021

I hope it would encourage you to hear that we're having some great response and participation in our Zoom Bible studies this session. I just got off of our seventh study for this session and can tell you that the Word is going out, being discussed, and our times of prayer have been a source of real strength. 

After so many years of holding Bible studies in the Maryland capitol community, I'm beginning to sense something a little different. Even with our diveristy of backgrounds, races, and political parties, I believe we are enjoying each other's company more and more. There is a new comfort level with each attendee and it's so good to hear them interact with one another and the Word.

Pleae keep praying for these weekly meetings as we move verse by verse through the book of John (finishing chapter 7 next week) and continue to share in each other's prayer requests.

And, as always, please let me know how you are and how I can pray for you!