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February 17, 2019

Dear Friends,

I am excited to share with you a first-time event at the Missouri Capitol. As friends of the ministry, I would love to have you join me and other spiritual influencers. Please read the invitation below and let me know what you think. As always THANK YOU for your love and support.   

Dr. John Battaglia, Chaplain to the Missouri legislature and government leaders, cordially invite you to the inaugural Capitol Commission spiritual influencers gathering.  

Capitol Commission will host a spiritual influencer gathering at the Missouri State Capitol on March 4 and 5, 2019. Capitol Commission is a non-partisan and non-denomination ministry that brings the gospel of Jesus into the political arena.  

While this gathering was already in the planning phase, because of the unthinkable actions of some legislator’s in New York State and Governing leaders in the Common Wealth of Virginia, it was decided to convene at the earliest date possible.  

To celebrate death in light of “rights” continue to reveal the darkness of our culture. Late term abortion legislation and a move toward infanticide beg the call to spiritual influencers to raise their voices to God for mercy on our nation, and spiritual awakening, yet to record in history. 

The growing challenge to religious liberty in the United States and disdain for a biblical world-view is not only in conflict with our Constitution, but also, with God, the “GIVER of LIFE.” 

This is not a political issue it is a spiritual issue. Capitol Commission is not partisan, it is biblical. We speak what the Bible says about current cultural issues.

We believe NOW is the time to join Spiritual Influencers from across Missouri in PRAYER at our state Capital.  While I am grateful for the wonderful groups who are systematically praying Jefferson City, and in local groups, it seems this is an appropriate time for pastors and ministry leaders from across the state to demonstrate a level of responsiveness and unity towards biblical values and principles.

We only have about 2 weeks before the gathering.

Registration: People may register their intention to attend by e-mailing; however, this is not a highly formalized event, but rather a relational time of gathering in our state capital for prayer, spiritual influence and building relationships with others, of like “heart and mind.” 

All costs are incurred by individual participants unless otherwise specified. There are no additional fees.


Schedule: Monday and Tuesday, March 4-5

Hotel: Capital Plaza Hotel

  • $94 / night plus tax, either King bed or 2 doubles sleeps, 1-4 people
  • 30 rooms are blocked 


Monday, March 4

o 3-5 pm – Arrive and Settle into Lodging Rooms

o 5 pm – Gathering Orientation and Agenda

o 6 pm – Dinner (each person pays for their meal)

o 7-8:30 pm – Presentation by John Battaglia: What is Capitol Commission? What is the role of spiritual influencers to impact government leaders in Missouri and around the country for Christ? Presentation by Guest Legislators: Faith story and Political Impact followed by Question and Answers.

o  8:30-9pm – PRAY and Conclude


Tuesday, March 5 – In the Capitol 

o  7-8 am – Legislator’s Bible Study and Hot Breakfast ($5 p/p)

o  8-8:45 am – Agenda and Pray 

o  8:45-10 am – Meet your Legislator (If you want to bring a small practical/food gift or note of encouragement, please do so). Capitol Commission has already given out Bibles to all government officials from the executive, judicial, and legislative branches.

o   10-11 am – Silent prayer and watch the live legislative debate

o   11-11:30 am – Capitol Tour

o   11-1 pm Lunch provided by Capitol Commission (Legislator’s Q and A, and Presentation         

    How can spiritual influencers impact culture and the political arena?

o   1-2 pm Meet your Legislator – (Tentatively meet the Governor and Supreme Court  


o   2-3 pm – Prayer in Rotunda and Conclude

We look forward to your attendance at the Capitol Commission spiritual influencers gathering.

All for Christ, 

John Battaglia


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