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September 20, 2019

7 DAYS and counting - The 10th Annual Legislator's Southwest Area Capitol Commission Dinner Evening

  • Date: Thursday, September 26
  • Time: 6:30-8:30 PM
  • Place: The James River Church, 6100 N. 19th, Ozark, Missouri. Dinner is in the Clark Chapel. Enter through the South East Doors, #5.

We are so excited! A tremendous group of legislator’s and their spouses will be in attendance. You will meet them, hear their voice of faith, and have the opportunity to pray for them.

Only the power of God gives the opportunity for the Gospel of Jesus proclaimed in the halls of the Missouri Capitol. The Lord’s Kingdom is advancing in the hearts and minds of governing leaders. We are not without spiritual battles, and our victory comes from the Lord.

Governor Parson sends regrets that he is unable to serve as the keynote speaker for this year’s legislator’s dinner. We appreciate the Governor’s leadership and are grateful for his consideration of our invitation. His partnership with Capitol Commission is valued. On a personal note, I appreciate his continued support.

I am glad to announce that Dr. Brad Harbaugh, President of Capitol Commission and USA National Minister, is our keynote speaker. Brad has a clear call to bring hope and spiritual strength to government leaders throughout our nation.

Having served as North Carolina’s State Minister with Capitol Commission for three years, Brad passionately lived out God’s call to reach leaders. He embraces God’s commission to represent Christ in each Capitol community ministering to the personal and spiritual needs of our leaders. 

“Now, as never before, this ministry is needed in America. It addresses the greatest enemy of this and every nation. That enemy is the thinking raised up against the pursuit of truth, against reliance upon the Lord and against righteousness.”, said Harbaugh.

God has used years of secular work in engineering to burden and deepen Brad’s heart to be compassionate for people. In the local church and community, he has both taught and exemplified evangelism and community outreach. He has developed several ministries including a Carpenters for Christ ministry. Brad led six Carpenters for Christ mission teams to build ministry projects in the Eastern United States. Internationally, he has led five teams to Kenya, Africa, teaching at pastor conferences and leading medical missions and prison ministry. He teaches and preaches regularly to churches and groups across America.

Look forward to seeing you next Thursday!

Chaplain to Missouri Government Leaders

John A. Battaglia, D.Min.