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December 26, 2013

Happy New Year from all of us who serve with Capitol Commission. May you experience the joy of God’s infinite grace this New Year.

Capitol Commission is beginning its fifth full year of ministry to the political leaders of our nation. We understand you have many opportunities to share God’s blessings with wonderful ministries who are serving the Lord in many needed areas, so when we ask you to consider a year-end gift to Capitol Commission, we do so with humility and thankfulness for your consideration.

 A point of interest as you consider sharing with Capitol Commission is that the national ministry does not require an administrative fee from the State Ministers. If they so choose they may give a percentage or even a designated dollar amount, but nothing is required. The national ministry raises its own support and provides all bookkeeping, receipting, website management, promotional materials, fundraising training, vision casting, and overall shepherding for all state ministers and staff. This is done through our national office in Raleigh, North Carolina, where only I and one bookkeeper are paid as full-time employees. Our national administrator and assistant to the president serve for minimal compensation.

It‘s not too late for your gift to be credited to 2013. There are a number of ways you can contribute to Capitol Commission.

  1. Mail your check to: P.O. Box 63118, Charlotte, NC 28263-3118. Your gift must be postmarked by December 31, 2013.
  2. On our website at
    1. Use the drop down menu to select a ministry; National or a State.
    2. Consider a Monthly gift Amount of $25, $50, $100, or other amount.
    3. Please know that the least expensive way to transmit your gift is through “Electronic Funds Transfer” although, checks are next, then credit cards.
    4. Complete the required information for your payment type.

We are pleased to announce that Capitol Commission is now partnered with the National Christian Foundation to handle all donations of stock, mutual funds, restricted securities and other asset based giving.  NCF is the largest Christian Community Foundation in the country and facilitates all stock donations for our ministry at no cost.  Giving stock to support the Capitol Commission is now easier than ever before!

To give stock or other securities to Capitol Commission, please contact Natalie Taylor at or 919-438-0350.  She will provide you with our account number and stock transfer information.  Please note: You must notify Natalie at NCF Raleigh with the date, # and type of shares you are donating to be receipted correctly.

 Why Give Stock? By giving appreciated stocks or mutual funds – instead of writing checks – you’ll pay less tax, give more, improve your personal cash flow and have the opportunity to re-balance your portfolio… tax free!

 What if you stopped writing checks and started giving from your wealth instead? Check out unique ways to support Capitol Commission - 

 Please note all videos can be linked to from our website or from vimeo. All videos can be seen here:

 Here is an example of stock giving: 

 Thank you for your partnership with Capitol Commission as we continue sharing together with the leaders of our nation, the glorious gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Jim Young
Capitol Commission