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August 28, 2014

Proverbs 22:1 - A good name is more desirable than great riches; to be esteemed is better than silver or gold.

We are always pleased when our ministry and our men are endorsed and esteemed by those we have been blessed to serve.  These statements by legislators say much about our ministry and the men serving in the state capitols of America.  To see more endorsements of Capitol Commission and our State Ministers, please go to State Ministries (pick any of the 24 states in which we presently serve).

Kansas:  Pat Roberts, U.S. Senator

U.S. Senator Pat Roberts   “Dave, thanks for the gift of a study Bible. I will put it to use as I travel back and forth to Washington”  “I appreciate your prayer ministry and you sending me the summary notes of those Capitol Bible studies”



 Kansas:  Jerry Moran, U.S. Senator

U.S. Senator Jerry Moran“Scripture has been an important part of my life – personally and professionally. When I was in the Kansas Senate, Dave De Pue was invaluable in hosting his Bible studies for legislators. I still look forward to receiving his notes in my office in Washington.”



 Georgia:  Barry Loudermilk, State Senator

Barry Loudermilk"I am thankful for the ministry of Capitol Commission and all that they do for the mission of Christ. Their outreach is a real blessing and I believe an important component to getting this country back on course."



California:  Juan Vargas, U.S. Congressman

Juan Vargas"Frank Erb, of Capitol Commission, has allowed me to keep Jesus first and foremost in my heart and mind while at the Capitol."



Missouri:  Shelley Keeney, State Representative

Shelley Keeney"Being away from home and in the capitol all week, it’s easy to allow the hectic schedule to make us forget the things most important. I’m very thankful to Paul and the work of Capitol Commission to help keep me focused on the Giver of all things. I feel like I’ve grown in my walk as a Christian over the past few years and Capitol Commission is part of the reason why! Thanks to all the supporters and partners that allow the Word of God to be spread in our state capitol."

Virginia:  Bill Bolling, Lt. Governor

Bill Bolling"Jean Ann and I support this ministry every month. I hope you will find it in your heart to do the same.  If there is any place we need ministry, it is in the halls of government in our country today, and Capitol Commission does a great job."



Indiana:  Marlin Stutzman, U.S. Congressman

Marline Stutzman"A true servant–leader, Matt has made it his mission to serve, teach, and pray for those who are in positions of authority. In 2004, he was called to serve Indiana's elected officials. Matt ministers in love, knowing that he serves a God whose will is good and gracious and whose law is truth. In my time in the State legislature, I saw Matt give comfort and counsel many of my colleagues. His heart for the members of that body is inescapably clear."

Please note that there are many in U.S. Congress who endorse Capitol Commission. They remember their time in the state legislature when they attended Bible Study and were pastored by our State Ministers.  Since approximately 85% of the U.S. Congress is made up of former members of state legislatures, it isn't surprising to get endorsements from U. S. Senators & Representatives. 

Would you consider writing an endorsement/review? We would like to show the Great NonProfits Top Rated Shield again for 2014.  Write A Review  Follow this link to Great NonProfits website where you can express your opinions about the good work of Capitol Commission and the State Ministers who pastor the legislators and all who serve in the state capitols.

Your expressions of support increases our good name. By favoring us with expressions of appreciation, God is glorified.  We don't seek 'great riches' or 'silver or gold'; but they do make up the oxygen that keeps our State Minister's ministry alive and adequately funded. Donate

Jim Young, President