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October 31, 2014



Another election – almost over!

Whew! The elections will soon be over and no more political mailings and annoying radio and TV ads. I’m sure you haven’t been as frustrated and angry as I have. In fact I’ve had to repent a number of times over my unchristian response. Isn’t it great when the Holy Spirit shows you how miserable you can be.  Now imagine how people are going to be responding following next Tuesday’s results. Many will be happy. Some will be sad and mad, and some will have come to the place where they just don’t care anymore. I hope that won’t be true of you - because you voted and the will of God came to be – and you are thankful because He controls everything and never makes a mistake

But what if things don’t turn out the way I’d hoped and prayed. Should I still be thankful? Absolutely, because God’s will has been done and we, the voters had the opportunity of participating with Him in the process of putting His chosen people in positions of authority. What a privilege. (Romans 13:1 - Let every person be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God.)

Pray ButtonNow we have another opportunity. Thank God for His sovereignty and in obedience, pray for those elected. Not necessarily that they would vote right, and pass the bills we like, and create the laws that will protect us, although those are certainly good things to pray for; what is good and acceptable to God is our prayers for their salvation (1 Tim 2:3-4). There is not a man or a woman serving in any office, in any nation anywhere in the world that is beyond God’s reach with the power of the gospel (Romans 1:16). For a prayer tool covering all the states in the US, please check out , subscribe, and begin your prayer journey for our leaders. The site will be updated as quickly as possible with all the new leaders added.

Please also pray for the ministry of Capitol Commission. Our promise to you is that we will faithfully continue, in partnership with the church, to make disciples of Jesus Christ and promote the Biblical mandate to pray for those in authority in the Capitol communities throughout the United States and around the world. Every election cycle brings us hundreds of newly elected legislators into the twenty-four state capitols where we presently have a State Minister. We intend to be there to provide pastoral care for these men and women.

Later this month, November 15 – 19, all of our State Ministers, many of our board members, along with prospective new State Ministers and board members, and some friends will be meeting together in Atlanta, Georgia for our annual “Gathering.” Every year we spend time together for training and encouraging one another. This year we will be blessed to be meeting in the Capitol building in Atlanta. Knowing you will take a few moments right now to pray for this event is an encouragement.

We will also be trying something new this year, as our state minister in Georgia will be hosting a Capitol Commission Awareness Event in the capitol. You can see the invitation from Sen. Hill, along with a resolution from the Georgia Senate recognizing the Capitol Commission ministry.

Let me close with a recent review posted to by a supporter.

"Capitol Commission is fulfilling a strategically important role of providing pastoral support to public servants who are engaged in visible and high-pressured leadership roles that are often accompanied by ethical dilemmas, physical and financial hardships and stress on families. CC provides a context and avenue for prayer, wise counsel and encouragement for these politicians. Based on numerous firsthand testimonies I have heard, I believe investing in the ministry of CC makes a positive difference for these men and women."

We would appreciate your thoughts as well.  Please go to Write a Review of CC


Enjoy the beauty of God’s creation and in everything give thanks.