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May 8, 2015

I spent three wonderful days in Madison, Wisconsin this past week. Madison is an interesting town, quite beautiful during this time of the year. The capitol building is magnificent and sits on an isthmus between two large natural lakes. There were eight golf courses in a five mile radius circle around my hotel, but there was no time to play.

The reason is simple: In 53 hours, I met with nine legislators, four staff people, four pastors, two other interested parties and one Capitol Commission board member; along with attending a Legislator Devotional/Prayer time and the National Day of Prayer event on the steps of the Madison capitol.

To say "God showed us favor" would be an understatement. I give thanks to Him for the many appointments; especially those which were not on the calendar when I left St. Louis. We can definitely add Wisconsin to the list of states that are ready for a Capitol Commission State Minister in their capitol.

You can read more about my visit by clicking on This short article is by a new Wisconsin friend of the ministry, Gordon Govier, whom I met on my trip this week.

If you read my last few emails, then you know the difficulty of finding the right man to serve in this unique ministry role. We must be in prayer for God's direction and provision; all the while being diligent in the methods and manners of searching.

My next trip may bring about some opportunities to find these right men to serve. I will be heading to the Richard Land Center for Cultural Engagement at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Ft. Worth, TX. I have been invited to take part in their annual Land Center Summer Institute. Several from around the nation and from various roles will be gathering to discuss, interact, and hear about the Christian and culture. It should be interesting. I look forward to the lessons to be learned and to meeting the people who are participating.

Who knows? Maybe the answer to our prayers for Wisconsin (or Oklahoma or Mississippi or Kentucky or any of our other 26 open capitols) may be found there.

Thank you for your continued prayers for and financial investments in the expansion and growth of Capitol Commission.

Your servant,